Logistics & Supply

Our Commitment to customers

We have developed rapid and efficient processes to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Our Head Office is also our distribution centre, from which we serve customers national and regional distribution centres.
  • We consolidate incoming goods from our global manufacturing base and then produce cross category loads for onward delivery to the customer, improving sustainability and driving cost efficiencies.
  • Operating 24 hours Sunday to Friday, we work to ensure that customer KPIs are hit for incoming deliveries.

Your brand is our business

We aim to do what a customer needs, whether that is using their existing PCC infrastructure, cross docking, printing ASNs for individual pallets or specific lead times for certain routes beyond our standard day 1 for day 2 turnaround.

  • Flexi forklift trucks operating within a narrow aisle system optimising efficiencies.
  • Warehouse electronic stock management ensures 100% location and traceability of stock and stock movements.
  • Globally managed manufacturing sites.