Technical Knowledge

Customer Focus

At TSL we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of customers’ first time and every time. How do we do this? By listening to what our customers’ expectations are and developing bespoke specifications to meet those needs and then ensuring we manufacture to the agreed specification on a consistent basis.

Customer Confidence

In addition to this we apply high levels of GMP (good manufacturing practice) together with legislative and social compliance to give our customers the greatest possible level of confidence when purchasing private label products.

Expert Support

Our dedicated, experienced team of quality professionals whether it be in the UK, China or one of our other manufacturing sites around the world are here to meet and to surpass your expectations and ensure that your customers return to your stores again and again.

Your brand is our business

Our knowledge of quality systems, commitment to quality and understanding of the legislative framework make us one of the largest  private label health and beauty specialists in the UK. We haven’t achieved this by accident we specialise in building quality into our products from the outset. Whether it is medical devices, feminine hygiene, cosmetics or foot care we apply the same quality system across the full range of products and our customers.