Quality Policy Statement

TSL Ltd provides customers with a complete private label service. The development of product specifications to meet our customers’ needs is the very heart of our business. Our commitment to our customers and our global vision has enabled us to develop a portfolio of health and beauty items based around our core categories of; First Aid, Feminine Hygiene, Incontinence Products, Cotton Wool/Buds, Wet Wipes, Foot Care, maternity and Medical Electrical.


A primary goal of TSL Ltd is to achieve the highest standards of quality in all manufacturing units, supply chain and operations without compromise. Our objective is to continually improve our company performance, whilst offering our customers a safe, cost effective and professional service.


Quality performance is considered a personal responsibility of all employees along with the understanding of this Policy statement.


TSL will develop, implement and maintain a quality management system. This system shall be based on the current version of ISO 9001 and is designed to ensure compliance with Customer requirements, Quality and Product Safety, Storage and Distribution, Legal, Regulatory and other applicable standards. It will;

  • Set objectives and targets that are key to the business and customer requirements
  • Review and update objectives and targets at least annually
  • Develop new objectives and targets as necessary

TSL produce written and authorised procedures that clearly define how key activities are carried out within the organisation.


At regular intervals TSL check that the policies and procedures are being adhered to by all members of staff.


Senior management review all policies and procedures on an annual basis to ensure that they remain fit for purpose. Less formal reviews are conducted throughout the year to monitor progress of the objectives and targets set.


Designated managers implement the training and induction of all employees. TSL will conduct regular reviews of employee competence to ensure that any training requirements are highlighted.


Employees are expected to take personal responsibility for the adherence to quality and standards in their own activities.


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Richard Walker

Managing Director